With Rugby League Betting, punters can make match, live, futures and finals bets. These options relate to different betting markets. Match bets are those on a specific game, live bets are placed during the match or at half time, futures odds are made and placed in advance of a match or event, and finals bets are those wagers placed on the playoffs and grand final games.

The bet types favoured by punters when wagering on Rugby League matches, rounds and finals are:

Head-to-Head: Selecting the team to win the match from the two contenders. If the two teams draw, then all bets are refunded.

Line or Handicap: The team selected by the bookmaker as the favourite for the match is handicapped and must win the match by a set number of points. For example, if Team A is considered to be a 6 point better team than Team B, then bettors can wager that Team A will win the match by at least 6 points, that Team B will lose the match by no more than 6 points, or that Team B will triumph over Team A by any number of points.

Margin: Winning margins are set by the bookie, and punters need to predict which team will win by what margin. There are five possibilities for this bet type:

Team A to win by 1-12 points

Team A to win by 13 or more points

Team B to win by 1-12 points

Team B to win by 13 or more points

Drawn match.

Other popular bet types open only on certain Rugby League competitions are Premiership Winners, Wooden Spoon, The Big 2 vs. The Field, and Minor Premiers.

The more exotic betting markets open up a range of wagers that are placed solely on one player’s ability, including bets like first try scorer. When placing these exotic Rugby League bets, check out the form of individual team members by looking at career statistics like their number of one-on-one tackles, completions, conversions, possession, minutes played, penalties and tries. These figures will allow you to more accurately predict a player’s chance of scoring a set number of tries, or becoming man of the match.

Rugby League exotic betting includes wagers on the first and last try scorer, first scoring play, exact score, exact winning margin, first team to score and number of tries.