Betting Tips

There are a few essential factors to consider as a punter when betting on the Rugby League, they are:

Players: Learn who the major players for each team with the most game experience and best career statistics are, and whether any players are suffering an injury that will affect their playing abilities.

Grounds: Before betting on a game, find out the location it is to be played at and then take into account things like who the home and away team are, and what the teams’ track record of wins and losses at that stadium or field is.

Team: Consider the dynamics of the team you wish to bet on, including any changes to their players list, have teams lost or gained any players that will affect their performance. Also look at the team’s relationship with their manager and coach.

Other tips to help in your Rugby League betting are:

– Know the past and present results, form and trends of the team you are betting on. Many teams will have a consistent track record at certain grounds or up against particular teams. For example, some teams have a ‘bunny’ side that they regularly beat on the field regardless of their ladder positions; and other sides have ‘bogey’ teams that they always seem to strain against every year. So if you can spot these trends, then you will have an increased chance of selecting the winning team in a match.

– Teams with strong attack or defence tactics tend to be the stronger in Rugby League competitions, and are usually a good bet. So look out for teams who have outstanding players filling the key positions like Halfback, who has the ability to manipulate and make play and win games, and five-eight.