NRL Ladder

In the annual NRL Telstra Premiership series, the progress of the teams throughout the series is recorded on the NRL Ladder. Currently there are 16 elite teams that make up the NRL and therefore there are 16 positions or rungs on the Ladder.

At the end of the season, the team in the top position of the Ladder are the season’s premiers and have their team embedded into the Rugby League history books.

The NRL season consists of a 26 round regular season, throughout which the 16 teams play against one another in a series of thrilling and passion-fuelled matches. Teams are awarded competition points in accordance to the number of matches they win and lose throughout the 26 rounds, which runs from March until early September.

At the end of the regular season, the top eight teams on the NRL Ladder play off in a number of heated and heroic sudden death matches. Slowly the teams left on top of the ladder are eliminated until the top two are decided – who will then play in the Grand Final match on the first Sunday of October.

Prior to the NRL finals, the team occupying the top rung on the ruby league Ladder after the regular season has played out become that season’s Minor Premiers. Some terrific bet types are available regarding which team will be in this favourable Minor Premiers position heading into the finals.

This is also the time when the Wooden Spoon bets are paid. The team in the bottom position on the Ladder when the standard season is over are the Wooden Spoon team for that year, and punters can bet on who will be this unlucky team prior to the season even starting.

The National Rugby League Ladder is one of the essential features of the series and is a terrific tool for punters when rugby league betting. Some of the detailed Ladders provide not only the 16 teams’ positions and the number of games played won, lost and drawn that season, but other revealing statistics and details related to their performance that can be used to aid your bets including points for, points against, home record and away record.

The Ladder is updated at the end of each round and teams either move up or down according to the number of competition points awarded. Teams receive 2 points for a win or a bye, 1 point for a draw and no points for a loss.

There are some great betting opportunities related to the NRL Ladder and the teams’ positions on it including early markets like which teams will Make the Top 8, Make the Top 4 and Miss the Top 4.

So keep a close eye on the NRL Ladder this season and see if you can select the team at the top of the Ladder after the final match has been played!