Rugby League Streaming

As one of Australia’s most loved and watched sporting events, the annual NRL Telstra Premiership continues to grow in popularity and the demand for the season to be played live through more mediums means that punters and fans can now enjoy the action of the NRL matches in a larger variety of ways than ever before.

Through advancements in technology Rugby League streaming, i.e. watching the NRL games live, continues to improve with each season. The increasing demands of work and family life mean that many NRL enthusiasts and punters are unable to get to the games in person, so the streaming of live matches on the radio, television and online means that you never have to miss a match or the opportunity to bet on the NRL again.

The streaming of NRL games also means that even if you are overseas and feeling homesick you can jump online and get your Rugby League fix every week throughout the season.

One of the best and most reliable internet sites that offer live National Rugby League streaming is BigPond Sport, who are the official media rights holder of the NRL. Through their service you can watch live NRL games on your computer or Telstra NEXTG Mobile. BigPond also have the BigPond TV’s NRL channel site where videos of the games past and present can be viewed.

Also, the official NRL site often have live streaming of the major matches of the year.

One of the most exciting means of Rugby League streaming on offer today is via Australia’s leading online bookmakers, who provide the opportunity for Rugby League betting online while you watch the game play-by-play on their sites. is one such bookmaker site that has this fantastic facility available and who also offer a comprehensive and competitive range of Futures, Exotic, Live, Match and Standard wagers on the NRL.